Lucille (Negan’s baseball bat in The Walking Dead)


Pictured above is my attempt at creating Lucille. By creating this, I learned about some more tools available in Maya, including:

  • Inserting a reference image – as I wanted to use a reference image of Lucille whilst working in Maya, I found that clicking on the ‘view’ tab and selecting ‘insert image plane’ enabled me to insert a reference image into my workspace.
  • When learning to make the barbed wire for my bat, I made use of the tutorial by YouTuber ‘3D Tips’, whereby he creates a similar baseball bat to mine. This tutorial introduced me to using the ‘deform’ tab and then selecting ‘nonlinear’ > ‘twist’. This allowed me to twist two cylinders together to get a basic barbed wire shape.
  • In order to make the barbed wire curve around the baseball bat, this involved creating edge loops on the baseball bat itself. I then needed to select each edge loop and go to the ‘modify’ tab, selecting ‘convert’ and ‘polygon edges to curve’. Following this, I needed to select all of my edge loops and go to ‘curve’ and ‘rebuild’, increasing the ‘number of spans’ option to 10. In order to then connect the barbed wire to the edge loops, I needed to select a duplicate of the barbed wire, go to the ‘deform’ tab and select ‘curve wrap’

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