My final grade at the end of my first year of Level 3 was a distinction.

While I enjoyed all the units last year, my favourite part was the FMP, as I liked the freedom involved in that unit –  especially the fact it allowed me to focus on character art, as I aspire to become a Character Artist.

Having achieved a distinction in all units in my first year, my feedback was usually to maintain my high standard of work. In my FMP feedback, one of my tutors suggested that an area to improve on is drawing hair.

From my own experience however, I would say a key improvement would also be to work on the speed at which I model and draw, as I know that in an industry setting I won’t have time to obsess over one model or art piece.

My target grade to work towards this year is a distinction.

With regards to the skills I want to focus on improvement, I would definitely like to improve my texturing skills, specifically with using Substance Painter, as over the summer I modelled a head using Maya and Mudbox and now want to try and texture it in the same style as Telltale games do.

Additionally, I’m hoping to research and learn how to add hair cards to the head I modelled.

The head I modelled over the summer holidays