January Progress Update

I am currently set to have my final mid-priority asset completed by the end of today, leaving just the two low priority assets (the clock and the skirting boards) and the textures for the walls and floor to have completed by the end of the week for my assigned room.

As well as this, I need to model a staircase Bannister and texture the staircase for the hallway, which my group are all contributing assets towards.

I am currently on track with my schedule and believe the assets I have modelled so far all conform to the realistic style I have set out to achieve.

To have my project completed by the deadline, I need to prioritise completing the remainder of the modelling and texturing by the end of the week. Although I believe I have enough time to have all the assets I set out to include in my scene completed, if I believe I am too short on time I could possibly leave out the clock asset.

Current Progress with living room



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